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December 15: Turning data into lifesaving information – how artificial intelligence helps children breathe

Ana Campos, Co-CEO, Trivadis
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January 12: The miracle of computer science – how new technologies support us in our decisions

Prof. Donald Kossmann, Director, Microsoft Research Lab
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January 26: The power of mathematics and computer science – what machine learning has to do with black holes

Maximilian Janisch, Prodigy
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February 9: The future of artificial intelligence – on the symbiosis of man and machine

Pascal Kaufmann, Founder, Mindfire Group
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February 23: Computer Vision, HoloLens & AI

Prof. Marc Pollefeys, Professor, ETH Zurich
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March 9: Tradition meets Innovation: How AI can help brew beers

Adrian Minnig, Brewmaster MNBrew
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March 23: Beneficiaries, slaves or nuisances: what artificial intelligence is doing with us

Allan Guggenbühl, Psychologist & Best-selling author
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April 6: Call to Action: We must develop a common understanding of how we want to use technology – now

Dr. Marc Holitscher, NTO, Microsoft Switzerland
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April 20: Artificial intelligence and the future of solution development

Dr. Martin Luckow, Transformation Architect, Trivadis

May 4: Gut feeling 2.0: How data helps us make better decisions

Céline Kreyenbühl, Head of Product Management
for the Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Switzerland